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Account Verification At Online Casino

KYC: It’s pretty irritating and frustrating shit and PITA for some.

For others it’s no big deal.

For me it was just like a necessary evil and something you can’t do much about.

Well you can try everything of course.

But if you just refuse to send in that ID picture with utility bill you may as well say bye bye to your winnings.

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Simple as that.

Nobody likes it,if this makes you feel more comfortable.

Casino Account Verification Documents

Basically,you will need to provide proof of identity and proof of address.

Depending on a payment method you may be also asked for copies of credit cards you used for deposits or screenshots of your Skrill account,for example.

Casino KYC procedures

There are various approaches to KYC though.

Some casinos may not ask for your docs at all,especially if you use webwallets like Skrilll,or Crypto.

Some ask for them only if you use bonuses.

Many casinos will ask to confirm your details when your total amount of withdrawals will reach a certain threshold.

It also depends on under what regulation a given casino operates.

Different gambling commissions in different countries have their own requirements regarding customer verification and casinos must follow those rules if they want to operate in those jurisdictions.

At 32Red and their sister brands I’ve had tens of thousands dollars in both directions  for years and I’ve never been asked for any docs.

At Casumo I’ve played for some time and had to send in docs when I had accumulated over EUR 2500 in withdrawals.

Some British casinos asked for an ID before you even deposit.

Which is not bad I think.

If you accept this reality where you need to provide your documents then confirming your identity before your play has commenced gives casino no wiggle room to delay your cashouts or do something like that.

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It kinda sucks but obviously whenever there are financial operations involved you simply should expect that you will be asked for your ID and maybe even a selfie with you holding your ID.

Damn it was really outrageous request for me some years back.I even created a thread on a forum where people called this a complete BS request.

Well long story short I’ve sent them a pretty shitty selfie with me holding my ID which they accepted and I’ve got my 1k cashout processed

This was the only one such request however it seems to be almost standard  procedure at some casinos now.

What can be used for a proof of adress?

Usually they ask for some utility bill .i.e gas,electricity etc.

I think I’ve used it only once though as I don’t always have bills in my name.

So I often used things like photo of paper credit card statement,PDF bank statements from my mobile banking apps.

Also,quite a few times in the past I’ve used photos of postal envelopes from abroad with my address matching my details in casino profile.

proof of address

Even photos of labels on parcels from online shops with my name an address worked some time ago.

Now the online bank statement is pretty much enough to keep these casino security guys happy.

Casinos With No KYC

I doubt they have it in their policy that they will NEVER ask for customer’s documents.

Even if today these casinos advertise themselves as NO KYC casinos things can change any moment.

So there is nothing special in casino KYC procedure

Honestly,I never had a problem with sending in my docs even when I had to do it for the first time.

Maybe because I’ve had similar requests from other companies.

You just need to realize that this is a part of the whole online gambling experience for you.

If you’re afraid that someone may use your docs for doing some nasty stuff-just think about a simple fact:

In all these decades of online gaming millions of players did this and never had any troubles.

If you plan to play often and open accounts at more and more new casinos then guessed it-have your ID and fresh utility bill ready.

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